PWE Northland Champion


Height:                6ft
Weight:               204lbs
Origin:                 The long swamp of Reporoa
Signature Move
  • Stage Dive (crossbody)
Finishing Moves
  • FacePlant (Wheelbarrow Slam)
  • Crowd Surfer (crossface submission)
  • Hard Rock Leg Lock (Figure 4 Leg Lock)
Championships held:
  • KPW tag team championship (with Bull Addams) Nov 2013 – June 2015
  • Current PWE champion Aug 2015 – present
“The rumbling rocker Stix is HERE! Ready to rock on centre stage. Rock’n’rolling all night and partying every day for the last 10 years has been my philosophy, with my bands FacePlant and Bullrush. My focus has now changed from one stage to the other. I’ve exchanged my drumsticks for dumbells. The rush of a screaming crowd is still an addiction for this adrenalin junkie. With extreme energy and a hard-core metal attitude. Over the years my energy and passion for pro wrestling has increased tenfold. You haven’t seen anything quite like this mad man Stix yet. Stix can’t wait for his opponents to feel the affliction of his adrenalin addiction.
‘And one thing is certain; you never know what’s going to happen when this white trash circus rolls into town  


TANK is the Current ANZAC Champion
5' 5" / 165 cms...

212 lbs / 96 kgs

Morrinsville, Waikato

Electric chair drop
Trademark moves:
flying headbutt
closed fist
Notable feuds:
most NZ wrestlers

Opponents who notice that Tank is a little shorter than the average wrestler soon note that he is markedly wider than the average wrestler, and the extra girth certainly isn't made up of flab! Stocky, powerful and vicious, the "pocket battleship" of PWE seems purpose built for grappling. If his physical prowess hadn't already made him a formidable opponent, his determination and brutality would.

Entering into the professional wrestling business in Australia after seeing an advertisement calling for prospective wrestlers, Tank brought his grappling martial arts background learned in cage fighting championships into a new arena. Already having trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for 18 years (achieving the rank of second dan), Tank entered into the Australian professional wrestling scene under the tutelage of George "the Hitman" Julio. Already an Australian legend, George Julio runs a tight ship and Tank found the pro wrestling training even tougher than training for cage fighting!

Nevertheless, Tank persisted and eventually managed to carve out a good 12 years in the Australian wrestling scene, primarily in the Gold Coast area, wrestling for such Australian professional wrestling companies as NAW, MPW and PWA. It is this experience that Tank brings to the ring which makes him - in part - such a tough opponent.

Eschewing the high-flying style for a more mat-based approach, Tank is the first to admit that he comes from the "old school" and offers less flying and more impact to opponents. In the man's own words, "Showing off's for circus bunnies!" He certainly enjoys a good brawl in the ring, but the thing enjoys the most is angering his opponents and the fans with his villainous tactics and aggression - by his own admission, it makes him smile! If Tank doesn't have the entire crowd hating him by the end of his match, he feels he hasn't done his job!

James Shaw

James Shaw 

One half of the PWE Tag Team Champions

Height: 5’10″
Weight: 87kg
From: The Borderlands of Pt Chev
Signature Moves: The Shaw Shank Redemption, Shaw effect, Mist
Finishing Move: Stretch Muffler Submission, DVD
Accomplishments: IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion (current)
NZWPW Heavyweight Champion,
NZWPW Tag team Champion, Armageddon Cup Champion x2

James Shaw has quickly become one of the most popular competitors in IPW history with his ability to connect with IPW audiences in his own unique way!

With a wide range of moves, technical skills and heart, James Shaw has firmly set his sights on living out his dream by becoming New Zealand Heavyweight champion. His dream has almost become reality on a number of occasions, pushing then Champion Vinny Dunn, and current Champion Travis Banks to their absolute limits. All in attendance at IPW live events are sensing that Shaw’s dream may very well be closer than ever, and that it may just take one more shot for it to become reality.

Aaron Henry

Weight: 102kg
From: East Auckland
Signature Moves: Spinning Spinebuster, Tap’N’Snap (Americana Keylock)
Finishing Move: Blackout (Flying Superman Punch)
Accomplishments: IPW Tag Team Champion
Armageddon Cup Champion

This brutal bulldog and one half of The Agents of Change has dominated 2014 and carved a path of destruction since the formation of The Investment.

Aaron Henry has trained under some of the most seasoned veterans in both Amateur Wrestling and MMA, (including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)disciplines, concocting a unique and lethally-effective style of fighting which he applies in the squared circle. Armed with his devastating style and a new ruthless attitude, Henry is now more focused than ever, claiming the vacant IPW Tag Team Championship at Sacrifice or Surrender, alongside the brutal Jakob Cross.


Johnny Idol

Height: 6 foot
Weight: 95kgs
From: Wellington city
Finishing move: Moonsault Championships:IPW Armageddon cup champion, 2x NZWPW heavyweight champion, 2x NZWPW tag team champion


Scarlett originally hails from Christchurch, and exhibits the unshakeable, and unbreakable attributes we've come to associate with residents of our earthquake rattled city. 
Scarlett has made an impact since her first appearance in a wrestling ring. She debuted in April 2012, and a month later competed in a Battle Royale at Mayhem to determine the first ever NZ Womens Champion, and has kept herself in the thick of women's wrestling in NZ ever since. Her many trips overseas to hone her skills against more experienced opponents, both male and female, have paid off, and her arsenal of devastating suplexes, and vicious strikes, led her to rack up victories up and down the country.
Scarlett has proved time and time again that she has what it takes to truly make an impression on fans, being a crowd favorite no matter where she appears. However, we've certainly seen that this nice girl can have a nasty streak if necessary, so opponents should be very wary not underestimate her ability to get the job done!

Signature moves: Scarlett Fever (Japanese stranglehold submission)
Rolling neck whip
Swinging neck breaker

Finishing moves:
Tart Attack :front facelock sit out suplex
Seeing Red: hairpull curbstomp

Paul Sayers

Paul Sayers

That "Young Warrior" Paul Sayers

"Travis Banks Memorial Cup Champion" That Young Warrior Paul Sayers
Hometown: Wainuiomata by way of The heart of the Creek, Cannons Creek, Wellington
Height: 6ft
Weight: 100kgs
Signature: Gracie Dive and the Big Boot Stomp
Finisher: The Frog Splash and The Ace Crusher 2.0.

Paul Sayers is a wrestler well worth keeping an eye on.

The Flying Kiwi

The Flying Kiwi made his debut at Locked n Loaded. Not a lot is know about this young man but he is set to make wave in New Zealand Pro Wrestling.
Zac 'The Wild Child" Zildjain
Is the son of Stix the Rumbling Rocker, making Zac a second Gen Wrestler.