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PWE 2015 Highlight Package
Results from Locked and Loaded

Dark match Zac "The Wild Child" Zildjain vs The Flying Kiwi. Win to Zac "The Wild Child" Zildjain

Big Tom called out Tank for getting him removed as GM and challeged Tank for the ANZAC Title. Big Tom Attacked before the match by Richards and Castlewood. Tank getting the quick pin for the win. FIST and Bull Adams out to the ring for the save on Big Tom

Curtis Castlewood with Miss Rivers vs Shadow Ninja. Win Shadow Ninja

Bull Adams vs James Shaw. Win Bull Adams

Mason Daniels vs Michael Richards. Win Michael Richards

Kazu vs Broidy Coast. Win Broidy Coast

The Red Back Natasha Webb and Ashlee Spencer vs Candy Lee and Terry The Jewel of Mexico. Win Candy Lee and Terry

PWE Northland Championship match
Stix vs Charlie Roberts. Win to Charlie Roberts and new PWE Northland Champion

Tag Team Turnmoil
FIST first team out against The Flying Kiwi and Bull Adams.

Bull and Kiwi eliminated by FIST

Michael Richards and Charlie Roberts next team in.

Richards and Roberts eliminated by FIST

Ollie and Brad next team in

Ollie and Brad eliminated by FIST

Stix and Zac The Wild Child Zildjain next team in

FIST eliminated by Stix and Zac

FIST attacked Stix and Zac after lossing

James Shaw and Curtis Castle next team in.

Stix and Zac eliminated

James Shaw and Curtis Castlewood new PWE Tag Team Champions

FIST attacked Shaw and Castlewood after there win. Then FIST attacked Stix and Zac. James Shaw came into the ring to what look a save for Zac. He missed an attack on FIST striking Zac. FIST left the ring pointing out to Stix that James had attacked his son Zac.

Results from Extreme Warfare Wellsford.

Extreme Warfare

Opening of the show was done as all ways by the GM Big Tom. He was interrupted by the Chairman of the PWE Board Karen. Karen went on to tell the Wellsford fans that the board has not been happy the decisions that Big Tom has been making as of late. Karen stood Big Tom down as GM and handed him a Ref shirt and explained that this is new job for the night. Karen then went on to introduce the new PWE GM Tank.

Match 1 
Blaze vs Zac “The Wild Child” Zildjian
Wild Child scoring the win with a back slide pin fall

Match 2

T Cole vs Curtis Castlewood
T Cole scoring the win after Castlewood got a little to cockie and not paying attention to his opponent. T Cole scored the pin with a quick roll up.

Match 3
Bryant vs Taylor Adams vs Jax Kasey vs Tank
ANZAC Title Match
Bryant was very dominate throughout the whole match until Adams and Kasey double drop kicked the big man. Bryant losing his balance got tired up in the ropes. This allowed Taylor Adams to hit a finisher on Jax Kasey. As Taylor Adams went for the pin, Tank slide in the ring and took him out. Tank pinned Kasey for the win and retained the ANZAC Title

Match 4
Scarlett vs JPE
PWE Women’s Title match
This match has had the decision upheld by the Chairman of the PWE Board Karen, after the ref had counted the 3 count in favour of JPE. The ref had been incapacitated during the match and JPE had used the women title as weapon. This match is now under review.

Match 5 
H4H vs SWC
PWE New Zealand Tag Team Title Match
The tag team match got out of hand quite quickly with both teams ending up outside the ring. That Young Warrior Paul Sayers dived of the top rope on to the SWC and his Tag team partner who were at ring side. This just ended with bodies everywhere. During this incident the ref was injured (Big Tom update to follow). The H4H manage to get the winner by pin fall. They are still the PWE New Zealand Tag Team Champions.

Results from Road House of Hardcore

Road house of Hardcore

Match 1
James Shaw vs Michael Richards vs Blaze
James Shaw was the winner

Match 2 
4 way Elimination Match
Charlie Roberts vs Curtis Castlewood vs Zac “The wild Child” Zildjian vs Jax Kasey
Castlewood pinned Wild Child
Kasey pinned Castlewood
Kasey Submitted Roberts for the win

Match 3
Bryant vs T Cole
Bryant was the Winner in this Match

Match 4 
Scarlett vs Simon Seven
A no DQ women’s title match
Scarlett was the winner of this match and still PWE women’s Champion

Match 5 
H4H vs SWC
Texas Tornado match 
H4H winner this match

Match 6
Tank vs Stix
Morrinsville Street fight Non-Title match 
Tank was the winner of this Match.

Results for Collision Course

Zac Wild Child Zildjain vs Kazu. Winner Zac Wild Child Zildjain

Bull vs T Cole. Winner Bull

Shadow Ninja vs Scarlett, Winner Scarlett

Brooke Duncan vs The Beast Jade Priest. Winner Brooke

Tank vs Stix, Winner Stix. Tank DQ'd for using the belt as weapon. Tank left the ring with both belts. PWE Management are looking into this are hoping to get Stix's Northland Championship returned back to Stix soon.

Rodeo Drive vs Hero's 4 Hire. Winners and new PWE NZ Tag Team Champions Hero's 4 Hire. In loosing this match the Rodeo Drive team of Chad Howard and Charlie Roberts can never again team up.

We look forward to seeing every one at the next show in Wellsford on the 8th of Oct for Extreme Warfare

Home Coming
Results from Home Coming
  • Wild Child” Zac Zildjian def. Shadow Ninja
  • Taylor Adams def. Mitch Gray
  • El Falcone def. JB Bennett
  • Brook Duncan & Paul Sayers def. Bryant & The Buggane
  • Charlie Roberts def. Rufguts
  • PWE Women’s Championship:
    Scarlett (c) def. JPE
  • Ben Mana def. Michael Richards
  • PWE Northland Championship:
    Stix (c) def. Curtis Castlewood
PWE Soul Food Whangarei

Breaking News

Exciting news PWE is now supporting Soul Food Whangarei, they are a non profit group helping to feed those in need in Whangarei.

They have been doing this for 3 years and have work so hard for the people of whangarei. Twice a week you will find this hard group out at the bus stop on Bank Street feeding those that need it.

So please head a long to their page give them a like share the page and donate to their givealittle page.

PWE Danger Zone
PWE results from Danger Zone

Charlie Roberts DQ'd for a low blow on Bull Adams. Stix in for the save.

Winner of Match Brodie Coast. Mitch Gray DQ'd due to interferance by Micheal Richards

Winner of the match is Zac Wild Child by pin fall over Shadow Ninja

An unexpected match Lacy Madison vs Misty. The champ Scarlett no where to be seen. Misty wins by count out against Lacy Madison.

Brooke Duncan vs James Shaw. Winner of the match is Brooke Duncan by pin fall

The match set for Michael Richards vs Mason Daniels got out of hand with wrestler from out the back wanting to get involed. Mitch Grey, Charlie Roberts, Lacey Madison, Stix, Bull Adams and Brodie Coast. Big Tom was forced to sort out the mess by making it an 8 person tag team elimination match. Winner Mason Daniels.

Main Event time The ANZAC Champion Tank vs Curtis Castlewood.Winner of the main event and still ANZAC Champion Tank
PWE Rampage In Reporoa
PWE results from Rampage in Reporoa

PWE Northland Championship: Stix (c) def Charlie Roberts to retain the PWE Northland Championship

PWE Women’s Championship: Scarlett def Krystal Kayne to be come the new PWE Women Champion

PWE Anzac Championship: Tank def “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn to become the new ANZAC champion

Chad Howard def Paul Sayers

Bryant def Bull Addams.

Zac “The Wild Child” Zildjian def Kazu

Pictures from the show can be found on the PWE facebook page.
​PWE Extreme Warfare Results

Good Morning Team,
Results from Extreme Warfare over the weekend.

Tank Vs Ruff Guts Winner Tank

The match between Brodie and Michael became a tag team match after some fall out back stage before the show started.

Brodie Coast and Mason Daniel vs Michael Richards and JB Bennett. Winners Brodie and Mason

Johnny Idol vs Paul Sayers Winner Paul Sayers

Kingston the Native One Eclipse vs Aaron Henry winner Aaron Henry

JPE vs Scarlett vs Waitangi (Mortar) Winner Mortar
The women match had a few twists and turns with the Rookie Waitangi demanding a match with both Scarlett and JPE. She turn up for the match as her alter ego Mortar. She came for and fight and did just that.

Stix vs James Shaw Winner Stix.

PWE Extreme Warefare
PWE Extreme Warfare
The second show for PWE is called Extreme Warfare.Show is set to happen on the 28th November at the Senior Citizens Hall 45 Canada Street Morrinsville. Tickets are on sale and can be brought from Fight 4 Fittness 294/300 Thames Street Morrinsville or by emailing pwewhangarei@gmail.com.

PWE Northland Champion Stix

Two champions crowned at PWE Uprising
Tank outlasted five other men to become the inaugural PWE Northland Champion at Uprising in Morrinsville this past Saturday, but it was Stix who left with the title.

Both Tank and Stix qualified to be part of the title bout with a tag team victory over Reece Breeg and “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn earlier in the evening and entered the six-man battle royal alongside Bull Addams, Hustla, James Shaw and Australia’s Cass Stone.

Tank eliminated Stix, the last remaining competitor, from the match to win the PWE Northland Championship but issued an open challenge of sorts to the locker-room by proclaiming he would defend the title whenever there was a referee present.

Australia’s Mark Kage, who beat Cass Stone earlier in the night but was not part of the six-man battle royal, confronted Tank and appeared to be angling for a title shot but was beaten to the punch by Stix, who rolled back into the ring and jumped the champ before a quick cover led to a title change in the impromptu bout.

“It was too good an opportunity,” Stix wrote on his Facebook page. “Sorry, Tank, but you said any time, anywhere.”

The Rumbling Rocker returns to Reporoa as the new PWE Northland Champion.

PWE Uprising Results:

  • PWE Northland Championship Qualifier:
    James Shaw def. T-Cole
  • PWE Northland Championship Qualifier:
    Bull Addams def. Brook Duncan and Travis Banks
  • PWE Northland Championship Qualifier:
    Stix & Tank def. Reece Breeg & “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn
  • PWE Northland Championship Qualifier:
    Hustla def. Johnny Idol
  • PWE Northland Championship Qualifier:
    Mark Kage def. Cass Stone
  • PWE Northland Championship Battle Royal:
    Tank eliminated Stix to win
  • PWE Northland Championship:
    Stix def. Tank (c)
Source: David Dunn NZPWI